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"ProperBostin", what's all that then?

The name: the name I dreamt-up some years ago, when I wanted something British-y and fun. The main places I love here in the UK, where I feel most at home are: Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham and nearby places, and down in Cornwall. So ProperBostin is a hybrid of two phrases: "proper job" from Cornwall, and "bostin" from the Black Country. Sutton's not in the Black Country but 'bostin' is an expression which I took a shine to when I worked at a manufacturing firm in Smethwick, and "proper job" is just Cornish to the core, both expressions make me smile every time I hear them. I suppose there must have been some folk in the Black Country saying "proper bostin" about this or that when something was extra extra good but I can't remember hearing it, and it was certainly unknown to the Google search engine when I typed it in (with or without a space) back in April 2006 before I registered the domain name, but it does sort-of sound like the sort of thing that could have been said way back when by a stovepipe hatted engineer or such like :-)

The thing: the thing is mainly just me... one bloke, Jon, sat programming away at a keyboard, and at other times doing some drawing, editing sound effects, and other one-man-band indie-game-dev stuff. I don't do every thing myself so I get other bloke or blokesses to do stuff for my projects too like getting Jim [the sound guy] Molloy to compose some music for example.