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This version of BAL-MAZ is video game where you explore a maze. It has a very simple control system -- just two keys or buttons (e.g. the left and right mouse buttons).
It's another unfinished game languishing on my developer's shelf. Since I did the first prototype back in 2002 on the GBA I think I have seen a similar game on a tablet or smartphone, so perhaps there is not so much chance I will finish it now unless I can make it more 'left field'.

You simply rotate a maze: the left button rotates it anticlockwise and the right button rotates it clockwise, and that's all you need to know to start playing the game. By rotating the maze you control a ball at the centre of the window. The ball always tries to fall towards the bottom of the window. You rotate the maze so that it rolls down, or falls down, pathways... and in so doing you try and make the ball take whatever route you like. Along the way pick-up as many goodies as you can to score points. There are [or there would be if I had finished the game] many puzzles along the way too that may hold-up your progress until they are solved. Eventually [if the game ever gets finished] you may find your way to an Inter-Level Gateway through which, after completing a challenge, you can access a whole new level. You may even find your way to the Final Destination at the end of the known universe.

I originally designed Bal-Maz for the GBA... the idea was that you only needed to use the left and right shoulder buttons, which was the most comfortable and effortless method of controlling a GBA game I could think of, also it suited gaming on the move since your hold would be less susceptible to being jostled and jolted on public transport etc. I also designed it so that you could pick-up and put-down the game quite easily -- you don't even need to think where the pause button is... you can just park the ball in a corner while you jump off the bus.
There is also a level editor (pictured in the second screen shot above) in the game where you can design your own maze.

click here to down load an 'early days' demo (for Windows).

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