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A game for VAX/VMS (ASCII)

Daleks is a multi-user game I wrote for VAX/VMS to run on all VAXes, VAXstations etc. (It would also run on Alpha VMS too if recompiled and relinked -- source code is included).
I wrote it circa 1995 in my lunch hours when I worked for a steel section manufacturing company back then.

It is basically a game that needs at least two players, and can take up to 10, where you have to exterminate all of your opponents.

The graphics are basically very simple ASCII (Plus VT100 line drawing character set) and rendered to your DEC compatible terminal in VT52 mode for the fastest cursor addressing possible over a serial connection. You have to navigate around a world (interactively) where there are various obstacles and a maze, including teleport pads, merrily blasting your opponents into oblivion.

You get to pick what character to play from a menu of 10 when you enter the game, each one has different characteristics... basically either a shorter firing range but more rapid fire, or longer range but less rapid fire.

down-load the ZIP file, with VAX-VMS executable and source code.

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