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Free down load for PSX emulators...or for a mod chipped PSOne or Playstation 1
Our interpretation of the classic game E-motion.

We don't own the Emotion name or IP thus it is a free download in a purely amateur vain -- this project did start-out as a possible professional project but now it is more our tribute to the classic game that was available for the C64 and other early platforms.
As far as I know there wasn't an official version of Emotion for the PSOne / Playstation 1, so it's a bonus for PSOne owners who enjoyed the original versions of Emotion but no longer have the hardware to play them on.

Emotion is the game where you have to collide balls together of the same colour to eliminate them, and you have to eliminate all the balls to complete a level. If you knock two balls of differing colours together then that's another can of worms however. The skill of the game is strategically eliminating the balls by guiding a space ship around within an arena to knock the balls where you want them. Usually it's: 'nice and easy does it', produces the best results, because if you knock a ball too far it takes extra time to go and retrieve it... and you don't want to take too long because the balls explode after a certain amount of time (bad news).

Our version is in 3D. The game is still played on a 2D plane, but you are not given the comparative ease of an over-head view.

This project started out life as a demo for a potential budget game, but after a fallen-through deal we left it untouched for a few years while we got-on with other things. Recently though we thought we may as well round-off the rough corners and make it available to people who have mod-chipped PSOnes while there are still some out there. Since it never became a professional effort we couldn't spend the time on it we would have liked... so for example there is only one background and a limited number of sound effects. We planned loads more levels, game modes, features and all sorts, but alas they'll have to stay as just plans now.

Click here to down-load the PAL version.
(Sorry NTSC version not available)
(PAL and NTSC are TV system formats -- PAL is used in Europe, Australia etc and NTSC is used in USA, Japan etc.)

Website of the co-programmer of this game:-
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