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Herder (of Alien Beasts)

(for GBA) A work in progress languishing on my shelf.

Herder, Work-in-progress screen shot 1. Herder, Work-in-progress screen shot 2. Herder, Work-in-progress screen shot 3. Herder, Work-in-progress screen shot 4. Herder, Work-in-progress screen shot 5.

Herder (of Alien Beasts) is a little project I started for the GBA back in 2009, and remains still unfinished on my developer's shelf in want of time. The idea of the game is you are a herder of animals (strange alien ones) and you do it by flying a biplane over a landscape, and the sound of the plane frightens the animals below and they will run away from the sound... with skill you will be able to direct the animals into a pen. Just an idea I had for a while after seeing on telly that somewhere in Australia they were herding large herds of animals like this, but with a helicopter. I swapped the helicopter for a biplane to increase the skill element, because with a biplane you have to bank round for another go every so often because the animals can't run away as fast as the biplane, so you over take them if you just fly straight. The landscape is a small island in space (what that actually means I don't know, it's just a notion at his stage) so you will see green land and a black 'sea' surrounding it. On the green landscape you will see some strange alien animals (some like beach balls, some like just legs) and even predators (which are seen as sort-of a pair of jaws). There is no sound with this W.I.P. version, it's mainly "nuts on the road": just the beginnings of something. If you want to down-load and try it you'll need to run it on a GBA emulator, or be able to download it to a GBA

You can control the plane with the arrow keys, left/right to bank, and up/down to climb or descend. Go high and get a good overview, and the extra height means you'll be quieter to the animals and they won't run. Go low to buzz the animals and set them running... keep your finger on down to go a little lower still and even frighten the predators.

Click here down-load Herder. (c) J.Prestidge, 2009

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