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An unedited continuous time-lapse film of a coast to coast, dawn to dusk, journey on the autumnal equinox of 2006. (Warning: Flashing images, due to rapid light and shadow). The accompanying music is Jean Michel Jarre 's "Equinoxe". His music has a magical effect turning any journey into a voyage. If you don't have at least a little bit of a purist streak then this video isn't for you. Time and tide wait for no man....this is a journey across the widest part of the UK mainland, from the Sunrise over the North Sea in the East to the Sunset over the Atlantic in the West. You will travel from South Beach in Lowestoft at the far East of England, to Sennen Cove at the end of the Cornish peninsula in the far West at speeds of up to 1800mph. The time-lapse video is filmed at 1 frame per second compressing the journey from the 12 hour equinox day into about half an hour. By a coincidence driving across England in this way, keeping within the speed limit and allowing some time for some rest stops and factoring-in getting lost a couple of times takes 12 hours but of course nothing is for certain: a bad traffic jam, fog, car break-down, etc. could mean not getting to the end of the Cornish peninsula in time for Sunset and the whole film would be a failure destined for the bin, with a whole 6 months to wait before you can try again. I am very grateful that Jean Michel Jarre (or those acting for him) chose to make this his music available on Youtube because half the project would be missing without it... it would have lost its icing on the purist cake. This film has been languishing unseen [except by a few friends] since 2006 because Youtube had a 10 minute limit back then and the internet was too slow for me to upload it or for you to play it at any decent resolution. I put "original pilot" after the title because one day I will be filming a high quality version, learning from the mistakes of this experiment (e.g.: eliminating camera shake). And perhaps with any luck the sky will be clear for the Sunrise and Sunset so you can see the Sun appear and disappear over the sea.... although the thunder storm out to sea off the Cornish peninsula was a good consolation prize this time especially since Jean's music had a thunder storm in it to match. I envisage I will have to have a team of about 3 people: one permanently navigating and keeping check on time the other two sharing driving and checking the camera etc. Thanks to Barkfoot for manning the surf cams and verifying my arrival. Back to ProperBostin home page.