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If you have any problems with one of my apps or programs you can email the below support email address.

If it's a currently supported app or program I'll look into the problem ASAP
and other stuff I'll look into next time there's a gap in the schedule.

Support email address:  support @ properbostin . com

Please include any error number that was displayed and describe what you were doing in the app or program just before the problem occured -- thanks.
(Don't include any personal information in your email.)

If you don't get a reply email from me within a couple of days (you should normally get one before that for currently supported products)
then perhaps your email or my reply has fallen victim to spam filters,
so in this case check this page for any postings about the problem and if then if you still haven't got the information you require try contacting me on twitter: @properbostin

If a lot of people get the same problem at the same time I may not be able to reply to everyone, if that happens I will post what is happening about the problem on this page.


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