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"Who's Making the Tea?"

...or doing the coffee run! Arguing about whos turn it is, or maybe you want to make deciding fun? This game will add fun and suspense as you watch it decide your beverage making fate. (And of course it could be used to point the finger of fate for other minor chores too.) (Click here for YouTube vid)

Click here to down-load "Who's Making the Tea?" *V1.2 free for MS Windows.
( When you are prompted "Open or Save" click on Save )

Run the game and simply type in the names of your friends/family/colleagues who are free to make the tea. Any number of people from 2 to 8.
A pack of cards is cut for each player and the lowest card has to make the tea.
Then choose one of the following two gamelets which will decide your fate:-
A pack of cards is cut for each player and the lowest card has to make the tea. A spinning pointer decides who should make the tea.

It keeps statistics which you can view to see how lucky you have been compared to your mates.
Check past results on the stats page.

Tested on Windows 10, XP and Windows 7. (Should also run on Vista and Windows 8 but not yet tested. May also run on older Windows versions). Not CPU hungry so will run on almost any Windows PC, laptop etc. Free to use as long as you like. Download file size approx 7 megabytes. Does not even require an internet connection to run. Language: English.
( * you must download from this site or if you copy it do so without any modification. (c) All rights reserved. )
To down load the Anorak Pack for this game click here. (An Anorak Pack is aimed only at people interested in the creative process behind a game)

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