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Comming soon to MS Windows.

An Upcyclepunk Postimperial Curio .... for Windows.

Out NOW on Steam for MS Windows!

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TraptionBakery. For PC on Steam. Screenshot. An Upcyclepunk Postimperial Curio.

A curio for some or a right old puzzle for others, make no mistake.
Some say: some folk actually managed to bake a loaf of bread using this confounded contraption...
but that's rumoured to be just a rumour.

There's no pressure... relax, ponder, prod, clank, crank, pull, push, watch... ponder more....sleep on it... come back to it... ponder.

Along with intriguing artwork there is the challenging puzzle with the ultimate objective of baking a loaf, but you can enjoy solving easier mile stones along the way like: ordering some grain, starting the mill, then milling yourself some flour, with this huge fully functional contraption. Look for clues written on the equipment, listen to the sound scape, and fathom the interconnections. Also a hints and tips page is available below if you get stuck. Once you have solved the puzzle of how to bake a loaf then the simulator aspect of the game becomes apparent: you have to get the ingredients, mixing, proving and baking just right to bake the perfect loaf. Your baking efforts are judged right at the end of the process whether they be good... or bad.

~~~ ~~~

Tap here for the HINTS and TIPS page if you get stuck.


"Is it steampunk?", some would ask.
Well there is no steam and it is a contemporary contraption, but it is bigger scale than your modern new-fangled machines
so you can see what does what with your very own eyes like in the good old days...
and it's tech that repurposes, reuses, and recycles, welcome to: "Upcyclepunk".

(Note: some drawings are slightly macabre/morbid)


Music by James Molloy ( "Framing the Sky"


Listed as a Top Steam Game for November in this article:

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TraptionBakery detailed poster.


TraptionBakery Mugs.

TraptionBakery mug.


Anorak Pack

If your interested in the creative process tap/click here to find-out about what went into the making of TraptionBakery.
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