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Here's some bits and bobs of mine. It's a mixed bag of stuff at various stages of completion, some new, some old, some very old. There are some little unfinished games not really for public consumption unless you're interested in the development process.
But threre's also some hobby projects, retro platform stuff, and some just-for-the-hell-of-it stuff.

EMOTION -- Playstation 1 / PSOne / PSX Kinetic action puzzle game (down-load).

The Mega Christmas Cracker Project -- make your own huge and loud crackers.

Antiverse -- (Proof-of-concept demo.) A two player arcade game set in black and white parallel universes.

Obligator -- A 3D human physics tech demo / game for Playstation 1 / PSOne / PSX.

Daleks -- A multi-user game for VAX/VMS Runs in fast VT52 mode and uses ASCII chars for graphics.

Machination -- Experimental demo for a possible future game inspired by EMOTION.

Herder (of Alien Beasts) -- A small unfinished GBA game where you fly a biplane and herd alien animals.

Mind Boggler -- A reaction time game for the ZX Spectrum (plus Pangolins).

Bal-Maz (video game) -- An unfinished rotating maze game (for Windows).

Bal-Maz (board game) -- A rotating maze game.

Darkhex DIY Games Console -- A fresh new dawn in home-brew video games.

Equinox Day -- (original pilot) A time lapse video of a journey accross England, coast to coast. (For purists' eyes only.)

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